Transition to school

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Our transition to school programme is the envy of other schools and teachers – we are sited on the Waitaki Valley School grounds which is an ideal environment to offer a smooth journey into the Primary years.

Once a week our oldest children are able to go with a teacher to  Waitaki Valley School to spend time in the New Entrant Class. We also work with the school to give all our children regular exposure to school such as trips to the library, utilising the school gymnasium, joining the school for special events. At times the school join us at preschool offering a variety of casual ways to build resiliency in all our children regardless of what primary school they may be going to attend. 

Our aim is to ensure children have all it takes physically, mentally and emotionally to be school ready by the time they head off! 


Local Schools

There are three primary schools that our children generally feed into, located in Kurow, Duntroon and Omarama. Links to the school websites are below for you to find out more. If you are unsure what might suit your child, be sure to make a time to visit the school. 

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Waitaki Valley School

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Duntroon School

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Omarama School

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