your child’s learning journey

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Waitaki Valley Preschool has systems in place to deliver high quality care and education.

We aim to provide an environment where every child can learn and have fun, whilst they are safe and secure.

We run a play-based learning programme that works closely alongside the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum; Te Whāriki 2017.

We are licensed for up to 40 children each day with great teacher to child ratios. We increase our staff number above the minimum requirement to have: 0-2 years old with one teacher for up to four children. 2-6 year olds with one teacher for up to nine children.”

While we have an integration across our age groups allowing for a very ‘home-like family feel’ that children would gain from having multiple older siblings, we also have spaces designed for our younger children that allow them to be separate from the older children. 

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How does Waitaki Valley Preschool prioritise learning that is tailored to your child?

What guides the daily choices teachers make is a combination of the following:

  • NZ Early Childhood Curriculum – Te Whāriki 2017
  • The NZ Primary School Curriculum
  • Our Philosophy
  • Regular Professional Development for staff about latest theory
  • Recommended supporting documents by the Ministry of Education; specifically but not limited to Ta Tāiako & He Pou Tātaki
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Not sure what is in the Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki? 

Te Whāriki is a document that looks at the development of a child across all areas; it asks teachers to weave all the core learning areas you think of when you think of education (such as math, science, literacy, the arts etc) through five core parts that make a child. Their well being, sense of belonging, their contribution, communication and exploration.

These five areas are known as the strands that our qualified teachers use to set tailored learning outcomes for every child. Before we can do that, we are asked to have first taken time to learn about your child as a whole.

There are four principles we look at; relationships, family and community, holistic development and empowering them. Quite a bit to take in isn’t it?! This is where having five permanent qualified staff fluent in this process is a real asset to our children.

If you would like to find out more about this document, feel free to talk to us or visit this website.


This free-to-parents online portfolio system alerts you by email every time a teacher adds an entry to your child’s ‘book’. You can opt to share with extended family and friends if you want to. All we need is an email address to link you to Storypark, then you will be prompted to pick a password when you receive the email invitation. 

Never fear, we still print all this into a profile book that is on display at the centre for your child to interact with, and take as a memento when they leave preschool. 

This portfolio is yours, so we encourage you to add information, photos and stories to help us build a complete picture of your child’s learning. You can share with us in any way that suits you! Communicating in person, online in the very easy-to-use Storypark or in their paper book. It all helps the teachers build stronger relationships with your child.

It is through this individual ‘book’ that our qualified teachers will share their thoughts about your child’s learning development and with your input create a learning plan just for your child. While the activities we set up each day are offered to all children, our teachers will work alongside your child and support them in using the activities to expand on their current learning stage. For one child it might be learning to hold a paint brush to control their own picture, while at the same activity, the teacher could be supporting another child with their cooperative play giving them the language and norms to take turns with the paint colours.