To enrol your child, you will have chosen 1-5 days that you would like your child to regularly attend – this is called your permanent booking


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Click here to send us an enrolment enquiry

We can then make contact with you to arrange a time to visit the centre, or discuss your circumstances. As some people live some distance away from our centre, we are happy to liaise by phone/email or post out information and enrolment forms as required.

Once your child is enrolled

If you are unable to attend any day, please let us know in person or by text/email. Each child will be given one sick day discount of 50% per term if we are notified.

Additional bookings are often possible when you temporarily need extra sessions. Get in touch with Rowan as early as you can with any dates to see if we can make it work to support you. Note that while we accept additional bookings, we do not swap permanent bookings week-to-week.

Policies and procedures

The Preschool abides by a set of policies as required by the Government. You are welcome to read any of our policies or procedures for more information about how we operate. Please ask a staff member for the folder to view them onsite.

Carpark safety

We ask that everyone is familiar with where the buses come in and out of the primary school, and to ensure you stick to the arrow routes for cars when coming and going.  This sees cars enter at the school end of the car park to the right side of the bollards and exiting at the community gym end only.

We ask you to keep your speed reduced enough to safely stop were a child to run out unexpectedly.