Brain box time is at approximately 10 am
Lunch time is at approximately 12 noon

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We share these meal times all sitting down together, with children being asked to stay at the table for 20 minutes at lunch to allow them and their friends enough time to eat their food while enjoying a ‘home-like’ feeling of eating as a family.

We are happy to heat food and encourage children to eat a variety of healthy food starting with their filling items e.g. hot food, sandwiches, fruits or yoghurt. A limited amount of packaged or treat foods are ok at lunch time but we ask that this is kept minimal. As we are members of the Healthy Heart Award, no lollies or chocolate can come to preschool.

We ask that drink bottles contain only water unless your child is still of an age that they require a bottle of milk/formula. We have a fridge and heating facilities to give this at your preferred time.

We do at times cook other food for kai times such as utilising the food we have grown in our vegetable garden or to bake with the children. Families at times also bring in food for special events. If your child has certain allergies or intolerances with any foods please let us know so we can discuss their needs and keep them safe whenever food is on offer.


What is a Brain Box Snack?

Fruit or vegetables AND one energy food

A ready-to-eat snack that you feel suits your child appetite level. This can contain ANY fruit or vegetables, the more variety the better! Then one other energy food item. This could consist of some sandwiches, yoghurt, plain crackers, cheese, eggs, shredded chicken or ham.

We do ask that families refrain from any packet or processed items at this time of day.


If you wish to bring some food in to share as a celebration of your child’s birthday, you are most welcome!

Please talk to a teacher about a week before to arrange a time that suits you and to make sure no one else has made arrangements that will clash with your special event.