Ministry of Education Regulations require us to have a copy of your child’s birth certificate and immunisation record

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Please advise of any allergies so we can ensure your child’s needs are met.  Together we will make a health plan to minimise the risk to your child while at preschool.


While we respect all individual family beliefs regarding child immunisation, we legally require a copy so we can inform you of any contagious illnesses within the centre if your child is not immunised.  


If your child requires medication whilst at Waitaki Valley Preschool you must fill out the correct form when you drop your child off. NO medication is given unless this is completed. We ask that all medication is taken from children’s bags and handed to a teacher.


Please keep your child at home if they are showing signs of illness.

These signs can include a high temperature, upset stomach, diarrhoea and sore throat. If they have had bouts of vomiting or diarrhoea they must have at least 48 hours without showing these symptoms before returning. If children have infected or open sores they must be covered for their own safety.

The Public Health Nurse, Group Special Education staff and the local Speech Language Therapist speech language therapist are able to visit preschool. These people can be contacted through us so talk to the teaching team if you have any enquiries or wish to contact them.

Any accidents/injuries that occur during the day are recorded on the relevant forms and you will be requested to view and sign these if your child has had an accident. Parents or caregivers will be contacted immediately if the injury is of a more serious nature.